Monday, 17 March 2014

1)The topic we presented was about growing up, and our mini lesson was about the question mark. We made it stick in the heads of our audience by making our six word memoir rhyme, as well as having an artsy photograph
2)I feel like our mini lesson could have gone better if we used a memoir that related to young kids better, but I think we explained our memoir and photos well,as well as including and explaining our question mark and comma.
3) I learned that when you're teaching to small kids, making the subject matter entertaining is much more important than working on making them learn, because if they're not entertained and engaged they won't be able to learn
4) For our next interaction with the kids, we should maybe do a lesson based off the book they're going to read us

Monday, 3 March 2014

Reading tweets-Characters perspective

Tweets from the mind of Dexter Morgan (Dexter in the Dark, page 90)

Bought Vince some doughnuts #bestbuddy

Should I wear a tan bowling shirt or pale blue bowling shirt? #asktwitter

Going for a medionoche sandwich with Deb, hope she appreciates how helpful I am #Iwish

Doakes just stumped into the office, bad time for me to be thinking of tongue twisters #jokes

Found some burnt bodies with bull heads instead of their own, on an unrelated note has anyone seen any cult rituals lately?

If I see Chinese characters tattooed on your neck, I assume their English translation is "slow learner" #tools

Love my stepson, he reminds me so much of myself #proud

I think our murder victims name was Ariel Goldman #investigationlivetweet

I'm glad I've already met most of the sergeants, as meeting them now and shaking hands would be difficult

Went through life lessons with my step son tonight, you know, school and stuff

All I've had on my mind for the past week is wedding catering #thestruggle

Made some jokes with Vince about hunting for doughnuts #nevergetsold

Who knew that chefs are so short? #themoreyouknow

I know something now that would have made college a lot easier #investigationlivetweet

College Professors aren't the most coordinated in his escape plan #investigationlivetweet