Monday, 19 May 2014

Personal Addition- why it sucks to be Peter Budaj

The Montreal canadiens surprised many when they were able to beat out the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins to make it to the eastern conference finals of the Stanley cup playoffs. They were able to make it over halfway to winning a Stanley cup based mostly on the strength of goalie Carey Price. But heartbreaking tragedy struck canadiens fans in the form of a minor injury to price's right knee/ankle, occurring in a collision with New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider in the first game of the eastern conference finals. Price's status for game 2 was uncertain until 9 hours before the game, when a bombshell was dropped by Montreal canadiens head coach Michel Therrien, stating that not only would Price miss the next game, but he also wouldn't be available for the rest of series. Panic ensued in Montreal, riots broke out, homes and shops were destroyed, people began sacrificing their children in hopes of forgiveness from the hockey gods (I'm not sure if I should make that joke considering montreals history ) in reality, it's more of a sense of dread that has set in. People perceive that the Montreal now has no chance. Before the series, most thought that the teams are fairly evenly matched up, with many analysts saying the difference in the series would be who would win the personal battle between price and the rangers own world class goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. Now the pressure of matching Lunqvists prowess in net has fallen on Montreal backup Peter Budaj. Budaj is considered one of the best backups in the league, and now he is given a chance to play in the 3rd round of the Stanley cup playoffs. But there is signifigant reasons for why this is a bad situation for Budaj, which are as follows;
1) This could make or break his career. Budaj has been a lifelong NHL backup. But Budaj is a very interesting goalie. He, in some peoples minds, has the skills to be an nhl starting goalie, but for whatever reason, if you give him a starters workload, or anything more than 25 games in a season, his game crumbles. This is why he's good as a backup. If your starter can take 60 starts in a year, it's great to have a guy like Budaj who can step in for 22 games and give your team a chance to win. The problem for Budaj though, is that he won't be remembered for the solid 20 games he gave Montreal during the season, he will be remembered for what he does in relief of Carey Price in the playoffs. This is bad news for Budaj because...
2) He is being set up for failure.
If Montreal loses this series, everyone will say "how can you except to win with Peter Budaj in net". The thing that most canadiens fans will want to forget, and they just might be able to, is that Carey Price did play a game in the series, in which he let up 4 goals in 2 periods. It wasn't prices fault either. Not a goalie on earth could have won the game for Montreal, even if Justin Pogge was in net for New York.(you ask who Justin Pogge is, proving my point). But Montreal fans won't want to admit that their team was outplayed, they'll look for a fallguy, and Peter Budaj has been offered for sacrifice. Everyone is saying that Budaj can't win the game, but it's his fault if he doesn't anyway.

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