Tuesday, 3 June 2014

6 word memoir

6 Word Memoir #1
Photo Credit to Tom Groom
Writers note: 1) The words and photo fit together because the words tell of a long road ahead of me with lots of possible outcomes, and the photo shows the crossing of a bridge, where one side could be very different from the other
2) Using photoshop, I removed some of the colour, making the photo more grey in order to have the subject and text stand out more
3) I used a comma after the Oh to make the reader pause a little after reading the first word
4) I chose a light version of the font Helvetica to make it blend in nicely, as the photo is rather even I didn't want to make anything stand out too much
6 Word Memoir #2
Photo Credit to Ian Preston
Writers note: 1) This memoir was on the topic of my past. The photo fits with the memoir because my past at times seems so long ago that it's just a dream. One thing that doesn't seem real is looking in an old yearbook and seeing how different some people looked, and if I don't remember them like that then it almost doesn't seem real
2) The original photo was a little overexposed, so I turned the brightness of the photo down a little bit
3) I used a question mark at the end to show that it's more of a question than a statement. I'm not suggesting it seems like a dream, I'm actually asking
4) I chose a black font to contrast the white of the yearbook.
6 Word Memoir #3
 Photo Credit to Ian Preston
Writers note: 1) This memoir was related to a topic that was suggested I write about: Love. In this memoir I'm paraphrasing a famous quote about love that I heard from a respected screenwriter. I think the memoir went well with the photo because of the statue, who's eyes are closed, implying he could be blind.
2) In photoshop I pumped up the brightness of the statue, in order to put emphasis on it, as it is the subject
3) I used the comma to pause the thought after saying "love" to put emphasis on that word
4) I used a dark grey font to make a similar colour with the subject of the photo, the statue
6 Word Memoir #4
Photo credit to Ophelia Boyer
Writers Note 1) This memoir was on the subject of family. The photo is of me and my hockey team. The memoir implies that people who aren't related to you can still be family, as most of this team is to me
2) I cropped the original photo down quite a bit, to make sure the group is the subject
3) I didn't use any punctation in the memoir because I wanted it to be read as one continuos statement
4) I used a thicker font because I needed it to be noticeable next to the dark mass of people
6 Word Memoir

Photo Credit to Ian Preston
Writers Note 1) The photo works with the memoir because the photo shows a broken bench, although parts of it are still together, implying you can pick up the pieces of something broken and put it back together to make something new, the memoir can apply to anything that didn't work out, and a broken object such as a bench is an example of that
2) I turned down the whites of the photo so the white of the snow doesn't overwhelm the rest of the photo. This change also makes the bench stand out
3) I didn't use punctuation because I wanted no pause in the reading of the memoir
4) I used a black font so it stands out against the white snow

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