Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bucket list

1) Attend hockey game at bell center*
2) attend hockey game at united center*
3) meet tommy wiseau*
4) run for a political position
5) fly upside down
6) look for sponge diving operations in the Gulf of Mexico*
7) make a mixtape
8) visit Greece*
9) stay in a town where everyone knows everyone*
10) buy a mansion on a hill and hit golf balls off my deck down the hill at dawn
11) Visit Manhattan*
12) pass someone on the autobahn*
13) go fishing for Nile perch*
14) visit the pyramids in Egypt*
15) chug a 2L of dr pepper
16) wear a cowboy hat to a bar in Texas*
17) meet Kanye west and pretend I don't know who he is*
18) get in the top 100 of world rankings in an nhl game
19) have a perfect game in beer pong
20) sing don't worry be happy with a reggae band in the carribean*
21) watch all of BMS in one day
22) introduce Jan W. Pachul and Colton David to each other
23) watch the room, things, and birdemic in one day
24) spend 8 hours watching videos on r/cringe
25) meet veteran diver dave Thompson*
26) spend a week in a house with 15 cats
27) learn how to spell career properly
28) attend a UEFA champions league game*
29) drive around Compton while listening to maad city with the windows down*
30) play the 17th hole at TPC sawgrass*
31) run with the bulls in Pamplona*
32) stand beside O Cristo Redentor*
33) fall asleep on the glass floor at the CN tower*
34) try to sneak across the US-Mexico border*
35) spend a week in the woods*
36) quit a job really dramatically
37) fly through the Bermuda triangle*
38) meet someone from tinder and pretend to be a bible pusher trying to save them
39) make a movie based off of the short story "Diver Dave: He's not normal"
40) run a marathon
41) introduce myself to someone by quoting sympathy for the devil
42) drink bacardi on a speedboat with dany heatley
43) for one day yell IAN PRESTON before I say anything 2chainz style
44) attend a friends funeral and tell people a sci fi story about 2 young boys who had nothing better to do one summer, than to kill a neighbourhood boy named Harold
45) remake things
46) learn a martial art
47) steer a cruise ship*
48) perform brain surgery
49) drift a car through a busy intersection
50) Break par in a round of golf

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