Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick write- which door?

Never having watched the doctor, I would still choose the tardis on account of process of elimination. LOTR and various Sherlock series are the only options I would consider myself a fan of, and I wouldn't want to go to either based on this; bag end acts as a symbol. Bag End is the peaceful place of bilbo/frodos lives, and therefore contains little of the excitement carried in middle earth. 221 Baker Street is similar in that the house is fairly normal based on most adaptations of the stories, so the action wouldn't be present there. The tardis as far as I understand it, is the catalyst and location of much of the action, plus crossing through that door is a method of time travel and teleportation, as opposed to the teleportation of narnia or monsters inc.
And who would want to teleport into a child's room anyway?

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