Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick write-your dream team

"Welcome to I'm pretty sure whose line it is!!!!! You are witness to the brand new improv show with a little twist, it's not improv in the mind of one of our stars! Now please welcome, the host of the tonight show for the week of February 16 an record holder for quickest cancellation of talk show, JIMMY FALLON (audience claps as jimmy enters and laughs at how damn clever the jokes inside his head is) and, the man who was given a script, let's see if he remembers it, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!!!!"

Wouldn't this be fun. For the one episode that the channel would tolerate we would witness jimmy Fallon attempt to not laugh throughout a show. Jimmy has a bad history of laughing at his own jokes, so imagine him trying to not laugh at a joke that he came up with merely seconds earlier, not even giving himself a chance to comprehend it. Then enters poor Chris walken. Chris thinks that this whole show has been scripted, and Chris has troubles remembering his lines in the first place (even with cue cards behind the scenes, see Catch me if you can) so picture him ready to do his thing when suddenly jimmy Fallon starts spewing out random gibberish mixed with his uncontrollable laughter (camera zooms in slowly as walkens jaw quivers in confusion). Although r/cringe would have a field day with this, it's undeniable that a good chuckle would come of it. 

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