Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick writes- effort at the workplace

This quick write is a calling for people to do their jobs correctly. There is two possibilities here, both pointing to laziness at the workplace. Look at this face. Does it sell well to you? Of course not that is not a friendly face that you would want looking at you in your snowball fights. One possibility is the photographer got very lazy, to the point where he just took minimal photos, leaving the poor designer of the ad to use this face of insanity. The second possibility is that the designer doesn't look very closely at his work, causing a mistaken placement of this face in the ad. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this, and that's how the model looks 24/7. In that case, someone should have a word with the casting director of the shoot.


  1. Sure, the photographer might not have been paying attention but everyone has there off days.....

  2. I think it looks good from a distance and would sell well. But once you start zooming in that's when you realize that the model just has the face of insanity.